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One-to-one Puppy and Adult Dog Training

Preparing to welcome a new arrival to your home? Specialised training packages will help you and your pup get off to a good start, arming you with all the skills to build a great bond.

However, training sessions can also be tailored to help understand and resolve challenging behaviour in older dogs like separation anxiety, chewing, barking and more.

You’ll learn positive reinforcement, force-free, and scientifically-backed methods in sessions tailored to your needs.

Dog owners based in many areas of London can enjoy at-home sessions, but video training sessions can allow us to connect if you’re based elsewhere.

"Fantastic. Sean explains things very well and gives clear instructions. He was great with Max and is very personable. The guidance on recall was fantastic and I’m shocked how quickly Max improved on his recall. Thanks Sean!"

You’re in the right place if you want…

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Scientifically-backed, licenced training

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Positive reinforcement, force-free methods

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One-to-one sessions that are focused on you and your dog

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Training plans customised to what your dog needs help with

In person or video training options

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Remote support between training sessions

Training Packages

Every training session is tailored to your dog, but I’ve compiled some example packages to show the type of content we can cover.

Training sessions can be held via video call and, for those in many London postcodes, at your home or a nearby pack.

You can schedule your first training session using the ‘Book Training’ button or, if you’d like to discuss how many sessions you may need and ask further questions, book a free consult call below


Preparing for Puppy

The arrival of a new puppy is a crucial time. This package will set you up for success when you bring your new dog home.

We’ll discuss how to prepare your house, what to expect in the first few weeks and the key strategies to handle these challenges right the first time.

Areas of focus:


Puppy Training Packages

The arrival of your new puppy is a crucial time to start training as behavioural patterns are laid down for life. Puppy training is the best investment to prepare you and your dog for a happy life together.

The benefits of puppy training last a lifetime!

You can purchase a single ‘start-up’ session, or blocks of 2, 3 or 5 sessions.

Areas of focus - Training:

Areas of focus - Dealing with Issues:


Adult Training Packages

These sessions are for adult, senior and re-homed dogs, focusing on areas you need help with.

You can purchase a single ‘start-up’ session, or blocks of 2, 3 or 5 sessions. During our time together, we’ll work on building new skills, developing existing skills or addressing specific behavioural issues.

Typically, 1-hour sessions will include combinations of strategies to deal with the issues listed below.

Areas of focus - Training:

Areas of focus - Dealing with Issues:


Loose Leash Walking - Special Package

This package will teach you the techniques you need to employ in order to train your dog to walk nicely on a loose leash.

This could be a puppy or young dog who is learning to walk on the lead for the first time.   Or it could be an adolescent or adult dog who quite simply pulls too much, making walks challenging and stressful. 

The package comprises 2 one-hour training sessions. For some dogs, a third session to review progress and provide focus to ongoing training may be required.

Session 1

An initial assessment to review how the dog is currently walking on a lead and the extent of the current problem.

I will show you how to employ positive reinforcement training techniques to reward the dog when it walks nicely and when it makes choices not to pull.  

You would practise these techniques between training sessions so that the dog has opportunities to consolidate this new way of walking.

Session 2

An opportunity to review progress and discuss how the techniques can be further refined based on the progress so far and the specific challenges for that dog.


Improving Recall - Special Package

This package is for those owners whose dogs have an unreliable or non-existent recall and wish to place a specific focus on strategies they can employ to build a more consistently reliable and stronger response.

This could be an adolescent dog with a new found sense of confidence and adventure whose recall has become poor.  Or it could be an adult dog whose recall was never good or has gradually deteriorated over time.

The package comprises 2 one-hour training sessions. For some dogs, a third session to review progress and provide focus for ongoing training may be required.

The training sessions would be undertaken both inside the home (to teach and practise new behaviours) and outside, maybe in the local park (to practise implementation of the strategies in a more stimulating environment).

Session 1

An initial assessment to understand the extent of the problem and demonstration of exercises that can be undertaken and strategies to employ when out walking.

Session 2

The second session would review progress and refine or modify the approach as needed.


  • In-person £120

    1 Session - Selected London Postcodes

  • In-person £220

    2 Sessions - Selected London Postcodes

  • In-person £300

    3 Sessions - Selected London Postcodes

  • In-person £450

    5 Sessions - Selected London Postcodes

  • Loose Leash Walking £220

    2 x 1 hour sessions

  • Improving Recall £220

    2 x 1 hour sessions

In-person Training Prices Include

  • Planning and preparation for each training session
  • Travel to and from clients home
  • Write up of main points covered and reminder notes on exercises provided after each training session (2 or more sessions only)
  • Remote support via phone, email or WhatsApp between training sessions (2 or more sessions only)

"Sean has been a game-changer for our puppy, Loki. We signed up for his 5-class puppy training package when Loki was just 3.5 months old, and it was a great decision. What sets Sean apart is his personalised approach. Each session, he'd ask about our specific concerns, and then he'd provide tailored solutions and advice. Sean was always available to answer our questions and offer support, which was incredibly reassuring as first-time dog owners."

Video Calls

Not based in an area I cover for in-person training? You can book online one-to-one video call sessions. These take place over Skype, Zoom or Facetime and are a cost-effective option, with a 20% discount on the in-person packages.

So how do video sessions work?

Online Training Packages:

Sean is happy to undertake video calls with English Speaking clients anywhere in the world

  • Remote via Video Call £96

    1 Session

  • Remote via Video Call £176

    2 Sessions

  • Remote via Video Call £240

    3 Sessions

  • Remote via Video Call £360

    5 Sessions

Unsure how many sessions you need?

"WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Sean has absolutely revolutionised my life with a new puppy. He was there at all times to answer any questions or doubts and tailored each lesson accordingly. Couldn’t recommend him more."

Areas of London Covered for In-person Training

For in person training, Sean is happy to work with dogs and owners in the following London postcodes:


SW2, SW3, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW9, SW1V, SW1P, SW11, SW12, SW16, SW17, SW18


SE1, SE4, SE5, SE11,  SE14,  SE15, SE16, SE17, SE19, SE21, SE22, SE23, SE24, SE26, SE27

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As part of my continuous efforts to update my dog training knowledge, I am a member of Sarah Whiteheads Inner Circle: The UK’s only online mentoring and CPD platform bringing together and supporting trainers, behaviourists and canine professionals.
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How many sessions do I need?

Every set of sessions is tailored to your needs, so the best way to determine what’s right for you and your dog is to book a free 15-minute consultation at the link below.

But here’s a rough guide for what we could achieve together based on the number of sessions.

Across two to three sessions, you’ll get an introduction to positive reinforcement training with the basic principles and mechanics. You’ll learn some cues such as building reliable recall and walking on a loose leash.

‘Start-Up’ Session:

One session could give you initial ‘start up’ advice to help you understand and start work on resolving one complex or two or three simple behaviours. Successful resolution of most issues requires developing behaviours and management strategies over a period of time. You may then choose to purchase additional training sessions to obtain support through the training process and improve your chances of achieving lasting behavioural change.

Two to three sessions:

Across Two or Three sessions, ideally spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart, you will become proficient in positive reinforcement training techniques. You could work on multiple cues, such as working on a reliable recall, walking on a loose leash, and stopping jumping up.

Five sessions:

This number of sessions allows you to tackle multiple training issues and train 3 to 5 training cues in multiple environments. This is the best value and most comprehensive training package, perfect for puppies, or if you are rehoming or rescuing an adult dog.

Extra Support included within Multiple Session packages

If you’ve booked a multiple-session package, you’ll get added support to help practice and reinforce what you’ve learned. You’ll have notes and pointers to continue training between sessions, with access to me via WhatsApp during working hours to make sure you feel comfortable carrying on everything we’ve covered in sessions.


Usually yes, but please book a free 15-minute consultation so that we can discus your dog’s needs.

I only used kind, ethical training methods that focus on rewarding the behaviours we want and using management to prevent those we don’t.

All of my training is free of force and intimidation. I believe that training based on punishment not only causes dog unnecessary stress, but also damages the relationship between you and your dog. It also fails to teach the dog what the required ‘wanted’ behaviour is.

Absolutely! I cater for all ages, breeds and personalities!

I am based in Camberwell in South East London, but will travel to many areas of London for in person training – please see the map of locations that I cover. If you don’t live in an area I cover for in-person training, I can instead provide video based training, for which my prices are discounted by 20%.

The best way to determine this is to book a free 15-minute consultation with me. This will allow us to fully discuss the issues you are looking for help with, allowing me to guide you on how many sessions I think may be necessary.
Once you’ve come to the end of your package, we will review your progress and you can book additional ‘top-up’ sessions if necessary.

A single training session will allow you to gain some initial advice on one or two training requirements. But dog training is a ‘layered’ process where we start by teaching a new behaviour in simple environments, and then proof that behaviour over many weeks so that the new behaviour works in more challenging environments. Booking multiple sessions allows you to tackle multiple issues and obtain support on that proofing journey, so that you obtain results that work in the real world outside training environments. It is also more cost effective to buy training sessions in a pack rather than one by one.

You can book a ‘start up’ session which allows you to obtain some initial advice on one or two training requirements or behavioural issues. Clearly, depending on the complexity of the issues, there are constraints on what we can achieve in a single start up session. You can then decide if you wish to purchase some further sessions to obtain ongoing support in implementing and proofing that training advice.

All training sessions are fully customisable to focus on the issues that are important to you. Where time is limited due to the number of training sessions purchased, you will need to prioritise the issues you wish to focus on.
Booking a free 15-minute consultation allows you to find out more about me and ask any questions that you wish.
Successful resolution of your dog’s behavioural problems will depend on a number of factors and some of those cannot be changed, such as your dogs genetics and early life experiences. Behavioural change takes time and consistency and whilst I can help you understand the causes of your dog’s behaviour and put together a training plan to resolve the problems, successful resolution cannot be guaranteed.