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How To Keep Dogs Calm During Thunderstorms

There’s nothing worse than having a scared and anxious dog at home and it can be very difficult indeed to know how best to look after them during events such as thunderstorms, which can be very distressing indeed.

The noise and flashing lights you get with serious thunderstorms is partly why pups aren’t partial to these events, but it’s the static electricity that comes with them that makes them particularly unpleasant. 

This electricity moves through their fur, making them uncomfortable – which is why you may see them try to hide or burrow under something in an attempt to get to safety.

So what can you do to help keep them calm and let them know that everything will be OK while the storm passes overhead?

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do! First of all, staying calm yourself will help them feel less anxious. It can be hard to see your dog upset, but if you continue as you normally would when not in the eye of the storm, it can help them weather it more effectively.

Also make sure that you don’t shout at your dog, even if their behaviour during the storm is destructive or naughty, such as chewing furniture or relieving themselves in the house. Telling them off will likely only make them feel more stressed and anxious.

If your pup only seems to be a little concerned, you can try playing a game with one of their favourite toys to see if this distracts them, or perhaps keep them busy with something like a snuffle mat so they have something else to focus on.

You can also try and mask the noise of the storm with the radio or TV, which some dog owners have found to be useful. If you need any further help or advice, or any assistance with dog training in general, get in touch with Sean today to see how he can help.