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What Are The Zoomies?

Anyone who has a dog of any kind and of any description is sure to know what the zoomies look like… but have you ever stopped to wonder what the zoomies actually are?

It can be incredibly funny to watch your dog turn from seemingly normal pooch into one possessed by the veritable devil, hit with a sudden burst of energy that sees them tearing around all over the house, doing laps of the garden and spinning around and around without stopping. How on earth don’t they get dizzy?

There is, of course, an official term for the zoomies and pet professionals will likely refer to these energy bursts as frenetic random activity periods.

A typical zoomie session will involve running around in circles, chasing their tails and doing laps of their surroundings, with their backside tucked in. Generally, these little episodes don’t last very long and then your dog will find themselves somewhere comfy for a much-needed snooze!

It’s nothing to worry about if you are a first-time dog owner and it’s entirely natural behaviour. You’ll also likely find that it phases out on its own as your dog gets older… although senior dogs may still indulge from time to time, as well.

Something that you may have also noticed with your pup is that they often get the zoomies after they’ve had a bath or after they’ve been out in the rain… particularly if you have a breed that doesn’t really like to get their feet wet!

Obviously, this can be down to the fact that they’re trying to dry themselves off as quickly as they can, but it’s also possible that the zoomies serve as some kind of stress relief, helping them cope with the fact that they’re a bit wet and soggy.

Other reasons for zoomies include blowing off some steam just before bedtime and a buildup of energy during a dog training session.

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