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How Does Hydrotherapy Benefit Dogs?

The vast majority of dogs love getting out and about in the sunshine, spending time on walks with their owners, whether that’s a short stroll around the city streets or a longer hike up a great big hill.

However, as our four-legged friends start to get on a bit, they may start to be a little bit less mobile and begin displaying a bit less enthusiasm for those walkies that they used to love. 

Injuries can also make it tricky for dogs to go for walks, but this doesn’t mean that they need to be immobile and start leading a more sedentary life. There is an answer to their woes and it comes in the form of hydrotherapy!

The practice itself has, rather impressively, been around since the ancient Greeks, who first discovered the healing properties of water. 

Fast forward a few thousand years and, no doubt, Hippocrates would be rather tickled to see that canine hydrotherapy has become an incredibly popular option for exercising dogs, as well as other animals in their time of need.

What makes it so great as an option is that it’s a non-weight bearing exercise, so it’s kind on the joints and reduces the amount of weight going through the limbs, which makes it easier for your dog to move.

It can also help reduce swelling and inflammation thanks to hydrostatic pressure, which is exerted on the body when it’s submerged in water, so your pup will thank you for this as well. And it can even help them build muscle if this is what they need, since it’s harder to move well in water than it is on dry land.

Of course, it’s not just the physical benefits that your pooch will reap and you may find that it provides them with mental stimulation, as well, giving them something new to try. That being said, if you have a breed on your hand that hates getting wet, you might well find the pros start to outweigh the cons!

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