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Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Destructive?

Is there anything more exciting than deciding that you’re finally ready to open up your home to a new furry friend? Dogs make such wonderful additions to the family and you’re sure to love them with all your heart immediately… as long as you choose the right breed that suits you and your lifestyle.

Doing some research into the different breeds is certainly wise so you can work out which ones would fit in well with how you live your life – and something that’s definitely worth investigating is just how destructive your favourite breeds are.

Of course, you may not be put off if your favourite dog happens to be a chewer, but you do still need to be prepared for it. What you don’t want is any nasty surprises when you do bring your pup home for the first time!

Interestingly, one of the most destructive dogs out there is the English pointer. They’re working gun dogs so if you live in a flat or somewhere quite small, you may find that your home doesn’t quite fit the bill. 

Because they have so much energy, this can translate into destructive behaviour if you’re not careful, so lots of regular exercise and lots of space is a must.

Another destructive (but incredibly cute) pooch is the cavapoo. A mix between a poodle and cavalier spaniel, these very popular pups are very intelligent and have lots of energy… and they’re incredibly curious to boot! You’ll need to keep them properly engaged and stimulated to keep their active minds busy and their little teeth away from the furniture.

And thirdly, Labradors come quite high up on the destructive dog list, which is definitely something to bear in mind since these four-legged friends are one of the UK’s most popular dog breeds of all time. 

They’re perhaps at their worst when they’re puppies, so you might want to make sure that you take them for puppy training to help engrain the correct behaviours in them from the start.

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