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How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

Barking is something that you will have to accept to a certain degree when you bring your new best friend home for the first time, but excessive barking is something that you need to be on your guard against.

Not only will an overly barky dog likely be a huge source of irritation to both you and your neighbours, but it could also be a sign of some kind of underlying issue with your pup, so it’s certainly worth addressing the issue as soon as you can and getting a professional opinion if necessary should your pet continue with their barking aspirations.

When it comes to getting your dog to stop barking, prevention is certainly better than cure so get them while they’re young and try to engrain the right behaviours in them from the outset. 

If your dog is on the older side when you welcome them into your home, you can still put the work in and get them to stop barking, although it may take a little more time than if they were a puppy.

Some important points to consider when trying to train your dog not to bark:

#1 Don’t tell the dog off

By getting angry and shouting or telling the dog off, you could find that you encourage them to bark, rather than getting them to stop. They may even think that you’re barking along with them, which will just egg them on.

#2 Don’t reward them for barking

If your pooch is barking at you for attention, don’t give them what they want. This will only serve to reinforce the behaviour and it will take longer to train it out of them. Instead, reward them for being quiet.

#3 Teach them the Quiet command

One proven way of getting your dog to stop barking is to teach them the quiet command. Simply tell them to be quiet in a calm, firm voice and then reinforce the right behaviour with high-value treats and lots of love.

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