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How To Get The Kids Involved With Dog Training

There’s sure to be excitement all round when you bring your new pup home for the first time, but especially so if you have children who, no doubt, will have been waiting on tenterhooks for this day for quite some time!

It’s important, however, that you establish a clear and consistent training routine for the new arrival as soon as they set paw through the door, involving your children from the outset so they can learn how to behave in a way that respects the puppy without getting in the way of their enjoyment and fun.

Before the puppy arrives, sit down together as a family to discuss what’s going to happen and what everyone’s individual responsibilities are. Make sure you explain why a robust training schedule is so important and why it’s essential that it’s stuck to, particularly at the beginning when the dog is so young.

It can also be helpful to put together a few rules for your children to follow so they know what behaviours of their own could have a negative impact on the pup. Setting boundaries at the beginning will make sure that everyone at home continues to enjoy the fun in a safe and responsible way.

Once this is all out of the way and agreed upon, you can start having fun! Getting your children interested and excited about the process will keep them engaged, so perhaps let them be the ones to hand out the reward treats, or let them hold the lead when out on a walk.

Taking them to training classes can also be beneficial for one and all, giving both children and puppies alike the skills they need to get along swimmingly as they grow up together. If you’d like any further help or advice, get in touch with Sean Hyden today.