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Top Tips For Coping With Skin Conditions In Dogs

We know how uncomfortable it can be when we find ourselves afflicted with the likes of eczema and dermatitis – and our pets feel exactly the same when their skin starts to flare up, for whatever reason.

Knowing what the various signs and symptoms are is important so you can take steps to help them as soon as a problem starts to manifest itself, preventing it from getting worse over time.

A common complaint that often arises in dogs is scabby, flaky skin. Causes include the likes of infections, parasites and dermatitis, the latter of which can be caused by dust, pollen, fleas, food or even grooming products. Finding out what the root of the issue is will help you tackle it head on, so take your dog to the vet for further examination.

If skin conditions are left untreated, they can turn into something more serious, such as a staph infection, yeast dermatitis or folliculitis, which in turn can then cause more sores and scabs, with excessive hair shedding.

If you are worried about your dog’s skin and want to help them, there are various at-home strategies you can try that may make a difference. Switching their food from processed produce to a raw diet is a good first step to take and can help you eliminate any food intolerances that they may have that you’re unaware of.

It’s also possible that their condition is being triggered by stress and anxiety, so aim to relax and recharge with your pup as and when you can, while making sure they get plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Your first line of defence, however, is to just pay close attention to your dog’s overall health and the condition of their skin and body, carrying out regular checks and providing ongoing care to keep them in fine fettle. And, again, if you come across anything you’re worried about, whisk them off to the vet forthwith.

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