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How To Look After Your Dog’s Teeth

When it comes to dog care and grooming, some tasks are more important than others and both new and old-hat dog owners alike would perhaps be wise to prioritise dental hygiene above other concerns, since tooth problems are one of the most common health issues likely to arise.

It can be tricky to keep your pup’s teeth clean and it’s likely that they’ll resist the toothbrush at first, which is why it can be helpful to start as young as possible so that after a few months they know it’s not anything to be concerned about… and they’re probably going to get a treat out of it, as well!

Talking to your vet before you start can be helpful, as different breeds have different jaw alignments and some may be more inclined to develop dental disease over time. Flat-faced dogs, for example, have poor jaw alignment and this can make keeping their teeth clean a little more difficult.

When it comes to actually brushing, don’t use human toothpaste as this is unsuitable for pooches. Luckily, there is special dog toothpaste available that will help get the job done. You can also buy specific dog toothbrushes that you fit over your finger or you can use a nylon bristle child’s toothbrush as an alternative, as well.

You can also put specific dental gels and powders in their food, which can help to keep dental disease at bay and bridge the gap while you get them accustomed to having their teeth brushed.

It can also be helpful to know the signs of dental problems so you can keep on top of them as time goes on. Symptoms include gingivitis (where bad smells emanate from the mouth), deposits building up on the teeth and damaged or bleeding gums. 

You may also find that your dog refuses to eat or has difficulty doing so, which can indicate an issue with their teeth.

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