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How To Stop Your Dog Digging The Lawn

There’s nothing better than a bit of al fresco dining at home during the summer months, but to your dog spending time outside in the lovely fresh air inevitably means one thing… lots of digging!

If you value your outside spaces and want to ensure that they continue looking pristine and beautiful, then nipping digging behaviour in the bud before it really takes hold is your first line of defence.

As soon as you see your pup starting to dig up the grass, make sure you put a stop to it immediately and work on training the behaviour out of them, either by making sure they have excellent recall skills or by distracting them with something else. 

You can also keep them on a long lead and retract it when they start to dig, or you could even go so far as restricting their access to certain parts of the garden.

What some dog owners have taken to doing is actually creating a dog-friendly part of the garden for their four-legged friends, giving them a designated area in which it’s fine for them to dig. This helps them satisfy their instinctual digging tendencies, while protecting your lovely lawn and garden plants.

Most breeds of dog love a dig from time to time, but some are more into it than others, so if you’re thinking of bringing a new pup home and want to ensure that digging is kept to a minimum, you may want to avoid the likes of Jack Russells, dachshunds, Airedale terriers, beagles, miniature schnauzers and border collies.

That being said, don’t be put off a breed just because it has a penchant for digging holes. You will certainly be able to train this behaviour out of them with a little bit of time and effort. 

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