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Introducing A Puppy To An Older Dog

When you’ve got a great relationship with your dog, it can be concerning to think about bringing a new puppy home. 

You might be understandably concerned thought of upsetting your dog and affecting the dynamic that you’ve built between the two of you over the years.   Equally, there is the risk that there are some difficulties with the older dog initially accepting the puppy into the household.

Of course, you know your dog and if you believe they are unlikely to welcome a new puppy with open arms, it’s perhaps best to steer clear, but with a bit of care and work it’s likely that the majority of older dogs will come to accept a puppy. 

This is a good article on the steps you should follow in preparing for the initial introduction, and how to undertake the first introduction.  

Whilst much of the focus of the in the early weeks will be on the new puppy, its equally important to pay extra attention to the needs of the older dog.   Their world has just been turned upside down by the introduction of a new puppy!   It is important that you stay around to adjudicate the puppy’s behaviour around the older dog, and intervene if things look like they may escalate.    Ensure that the routines that the older dog is used to (walk time, play times, food times) are maintained.   And if the puppy is a different breed than the older dog, consider the implications for differences in the needs of the dogs.   

If you are considering getting a second dog, book a training session with Sean today so that he can guide you on selecting a compatible breed and getting you prepared for the initial introduction and the weeks beyond. 

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