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Office Dogs: The Best Breeds To Pick

There are all sorts of benefits associated with having an office dog, everything from improving productivity and job satisfaction to reducing stress and anxiety. 

Having an in-situ pup encourages people to take screen breaks, makes the office environment more pleasant and can even help you attract and retain the top talent in your field!

But which breed would be best to go for if you are thinking of getting your very first office dog?

One of the best breeds absolutely has to be the cavalier King Charles spaniel, a really affectionate and gentle little dog that’s very easy to train, making it perfect for an office environment. Because they’re a smaller breed, they could easily sit on your lap while you work, or curl up for a nap under your desk with no problem.

You might also find that a Maltese dog is an excellent one to bring in to work with you. Another small breed, the Maltese is a very lovely elegant dog that’s both affectionate and playful… so you’ll have a great time hanging out on your lunch break.

And, of course, let’s not forget about French bulldogs, one of the most popular breeds going at the moment. They’re hilarious, so you’re sure to have a great time at work each day, plus they’re small enough to fit in any kind of office environment and they’re pretty laid back and adaptable, making them the perfect choice.

Finally, you might be tempted by a sausage dog! Both mini and standard dachshunds would work well as office dogs and they’re incredibly cute and comical, so sure to put a smile on everyone’s face at work. Just make sure you train them not to bark at clients and guests, as they’re renowned for being a little on the loud side!

Whatever breed you go for, if you need any help with their training or just need some help or advice, get in touch with Sean Hyden today to see what can be done.