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How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

It’s very easy for dogs to put on weight. They do love their food, after all – and it can be very hard for owners to ignore those imploring puppy dog eyes. Before you know it, you’ve got a monster on your hands!

If you do think that your pup has gained a few extra pounds here and there, don’t worry. It’s certainly not the end of the world and you won’t be the first dog owner out there to give in and be free and easy with the treats. 

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to rectify the situation relatively quickly, ensuring that your pup bounces back to excellent health once again.

First of all, talk to your vet about putting your pooch on a calorie-controlled diet. You may find that they actually run weight control clinics, which involve regular checkups – a good option if your dog has become especially heavy. 

It’s important that weight loss doesn’t happen too quickly and this is something your vet will definitely be able to help with.

Keeping a food diary can also be beneficial, so you can see where they’re getting their extra calories. If you notice over time that you’re definitely giving them too many treats, this would be an easy way to reduce their intake.

And, of course, exercise is an effective way of keeping the pounds down. Dogs are naturally very active so you may find that just taking them out for a walk once a day isn’t sufficient. 

As well as their daily stroll, up their activity levels by playing more boisterous games at home, or investing in toys that allow you to hide food in them. This way, they get their treat but they have to work for it at the same time!

With just a few little changes here and there, and a bit of patience on both your parts, you’re sure to see your dog start to look more svelte as time goes on. Good luck!

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