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Which Dog Breeds Are Vulnerable To Extinction?

All dog breeds are wonderful in their own unique ways, but there are always going to be some breeds that are more popular than others and trends in dog ownership certainly reveal themselves year after year, which can make for very interesting reading indeed.

Stats for 2021, based on the number of registrations, show that the top five most popular breeds in the UK are Labradors, French bulldogs, cocker spaniels, bulldogs and miniature smooth-haired dachshunds.

Of course, the preferred breed of dog will vary from person to person and it’s important to do your research into different types so you know you’re choosing the best breed to suit your lifestyle. 

Picking a dog based solely on the fact that it’s trendy may not be the best route to go down and you may find you’ve chosen one that isn’t quite right for you.

Another problem with ‘trendy’ or fashionable dog breeds is that it means other equally amazing dogs get overlooked… and this can actually make them vulnerable to extinction because of their declining registration numbers.

The Kennel Club classifies breeds as being vulnerable if they have fewer than 300 registrations each year, while those with between 300 and 450 registrations annually are put on an at-watch list.

The most vulnerable breeds right now are the bearded collie (281 registrations in 2022), bloodhounds (34), the miniature bull terrier (293), smooth collies (44), Dandie Dinmont terriers (112), deerhounds (176), English setters (212), black and tan English toy terriers (64) and foxhounds (one).

Those on the at-watch list include the Bedlington terrier, bullmastiffs, Irish terriers, Jack Russells, Norfolk terriers, Parson Russell terriers, old English sheepdogs and Welsh terriers.

Finding a responsible breeder is an absolute must if you are thinking about getting a vulnerable breed. The Kennel Club has a list of assured breeders, giving you all the reassurance you need that the health and welfare of the dogs is being prioritised.

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