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What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

Of course, it would be amazing if we could spend all day every day with our beloved pooches, but sadly this is something of a pipedream and there’s sure to come a time when you have to go out and leave your four-legged friend behind.

As hard as this can be, it’s often a lot harder on your pet and you may find that they start exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, which can happen as a result of distress at being left alone.

There are lots of signs to look out for if you’re worried that your pup does feel anxious when you’re out, with the most common ones including destructive behaviour such as chewing or destroying furniture (often near doors, windows and other exit points). Your dog may also start howling, whining or barking and going to the toilet inside.

Other symptoms to keep an eye out for include excessive excitement from them when you come back home, trembling or panting before you leave, repetitive behaviour like pacing or circling, excessive tail biting or paw licking, vomiting and so on.

Even if you think your dog is happy, they may still be in distress – but, naturally, it’s quite hard to tell how they’re feeling when you’re not there. There’s a lot of technology you can use to your advantage, however, and you may want to consider installing a camera so you can keep an eye on them when you’re not in the house.

To help prevent separation anxiety from becoming an issue in the first place, you need to train them to be left alone. Each dog is different and you’ll need to work at the pace of your own pooch and how they react to being left, but generally it’s better to take your time so you can deliver more long-lasting results.

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